Create An Amazingly REALISTIC Transparent Alien Egg in Photoshop – Photo Manipulation Tutorial

In this video tutorial we’ll create an amazingly realistic transparent alien egg using just 5 images.

We’ll also create a background from scratch and add some cool highlights and shows to further enhance this effect.

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In This Tutorial You Will Learn How To:

02:20 — Create a background from scratch using the “Clouds” filter.
05:15 — Create a ground plane using an image of wood.
08:43 — Create a clear egg by manipulating an image of a bubble.
12:30 — Create an alien creature by manipulating an image of a salmonfly.
22:00 — Create highlight and shadows.
28:35 — Add bubbles & dust to the inside of the egg.
33:16 — Use an image of a jelly fish to create more egg details.
38:55 — Add color highlights to the ground plane.
44:45 — Create a vignette

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