"Noise Removal" Audacity (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

Audacity noise removal tutorial. A short step by step tutorial on how to remove unwanted noise such as static and hiss from recorded audio. Using Audacity (effect: noise removal)

Save the original file before using the noise removal tool. This way if you remove too much noise you can start again!

If have tried the steps and can’t remove the unwanted noise then please check you have followed these steps correctly and try adjusting the settings or repeat the noise removal.

If your voice quality lowers/changes then try adjusting the settings but in some cases the noise can not be removed without effecting quality (this is when the background noise is too loud)

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Further help http://goo.gl/KFoTOJ

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This video was created to help editors with any audio problems

Audacity noise removal
Audacity noise removal
Audacity noise removal
Audacity noise removal

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