Desktop Sound Masking System Demonstration

Acoustical Solutions, Inc. uses their offices to demonstrate the new Desktop Sound Masking System. See our Desktop Sound Masking System here:

Sound masking is an increasingly popular system that raises the frequency of ambient, or background noise to the level of human speech. This makes it so that someone can speak at a normal level and be clearly understood by someone close by, but not have the conversation distract someone in a neighboring work station. This is even more critical due to the increasing popularity of open-plan offices, which is now used in 80% of space planning (International Facility Management Association). The cubicles have been torn down, fostering a team environment and open communication between workers, but also eliminating privacy and increasing distraction.

Earlier this year, an article appeared in The New York Times analyzing the trend toward open-plan offices stating “scientists, for their part, are measuring the unhappiness and the lower productivity of distracted workers. After surveying 65,000 people over the past decade in North America, Europe, Africa and Australia, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, report that more than half of office workers are dissatisfied with the level of “speech privacy,” making it the leading complaint in offices everywhere”.

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