Hi my wiggly jiggly jungle papaya monkey beans!
So this is my 100th video, and since many people have requested a video without any make-up and without circle lenses, I decided to do it in this one! ♥

★UPDATE★ In this blog post I described how the massage works and what small face in japan means!

In this video I’m showing you guys how to get a smaller face by doing massages and exercises! ♥ I think, this is one of my tutorials that need the fewest “ingredients” or “tools”. So why not give it a try? 😉 Tell me on Twitter @VenusAngelic when you tried it and how your face feels after the exercises and massages!

Every morning, right after getting out of the bed, I splash my face with cold water 5 times, followed by this exercise routine! Not only that it helps aesthetically, but also helps to fresh up my mind! Some of the exercises are from japanese magazines for teenage girls, some from japanese TV shows, but most of them are my own creations. haha♥

I know that many of you wiggly jiggly jungle papaya monkey beans don’t like my voice and my accent. I’m very sorry! But I want you to know, that I will never be able to talk like a British or American person! Because I’m not British/American nor was I raised in english speaking environment. I had to teach myself english in primary school 4th grade, because the teacher didn’t do english classes and I didn’t want to be a dumbo! D :

My Nationality:
No I’m not swedish, russian, japanese, german etc.
I’m half Swiss and half Hungarian. I was born and raised in Switzerland, so my mother tongue is Swiss-German (also called low-german). I don’t know how to speak Hungarian.
Languages I speak: Swiss-German (Kanton Aargau), German, English, Spanish (I lived in teneriffe 3 years) and Japanese. I live in London since about 9 months. I have strong accent because I still speak swiss german with my mom everyday. Swiss German is very different from high german. Let me show you an example.
English: I want a cookie.
German: Ich will einen Keks.
Swiss German: Ech wott äs Guetzli.

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Royalty free music used in this video:
Song Titles: “Aces High”, and “Fork And Spoon”
Artist Name of all 2 songs: Kevin MacLeod
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