Minecraft Tutorial – LAN Server (1.3.1 Update)

Showing you how to connect via LAN in 1.3.1 version of Minecraft
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*You must be on the same network, that means connected with the same internet connection whether through a switch or router. You can connect via ethernet or wireless and it will work.
*All accounts must be paid for separate accounts. If you have a cracked version of the game, it probably will not work. Also, each person needs their own account. connecting with the same account on more than 1 machine will error out.
*When someone is connecting to your machine, they do not need to click “Add Server” or “Direct connect” button and enter the IP address. That will cause it to fail, every time. If the LAN World does not appear in the list of servers after it scans for them, it is not able to find any and could be a problem with the network, firewalls, security software blocking the ports, etc..

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