Simple steps to Embed a YouTube Video in Magento

“Simple steps to Embed a YouTube Video in Magento-

1. Go to the Youtube video that you want to include in your page and copy the URL from the address bar.

2. Log into your Magento CMS admin area and go to the page you want to contain the Youtube video (located in CMS, pages). Enter the page editor by clicking on the page name.

3. In the page editor click on “Content” (located to the left of the window). You will then see an HTML view of your content.

4. Click on the “Show/Hide Editor” to switch to the visual version of your content. Place the tracker in the space that you would like your Youtube video to appear.

5. Click on the “Insert/Edit Media” icon (looks like a film strip) for a new window to appear.

6. Paste the URL of the intended video in the “File/URL” field provided. If done correctly a preview of the video will appear underneath.

7. Click “insert””, save your changes and you are done.

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