Analog Photography Tutorial: How To Use an Auto Bellows (Part 1)

How to attach a macro stand and how to use a slide copier.

In this part of my analog photography tutorial you may find some visual informations of the way how you assemble a Contax Auto-Bellows PC system for Contax/Yashica mount and how you can use it. It is a perspective correction bellows, but in this video I don’t show this function, it would have been too long. The camera used is a Contax RTS II, but it is the same for all Contax cameras and built in the 80ies and 90ies of the 20th century with a Contax/Yashica mount. Yashica FR cameras also could use this auto bellows, and there was the same model with the Yashica brand on the market. It’s a very useful tool for macro photography. Normally it is used with a 50 mm lens or a 60 mm macro lens, lenses with a wider angle require a very short distance and magnify the photographed subject very strongly, lenses with 85 or more mm have the opposite effect and are too heavy in many cases for the bellows. With an adaptor from Yashica/Contax mount to your digital camera you can also use an old bellows on your new camera, but please take in mind that you require long exposure times (you cannot use a ring flash because the distance between the lens and the photographed subject is too short), and dust could enter into your camera and on your image sensor.

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