Drupal 7 / Ubercart Tutorial 4 of 10: Configuring Ubercart

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In this drupal video tutorial, we continue developing our e-commerce site by configuring the modules we added to our site in tutorial 3. I walk you through the configuration of all but the ubercart module. If you’ve skipped the other tutorials, I recommend watching this as we’ll rely on these configurations for the duration of the series. We also download the site verify module, something we forgot previously.

Thanks to Randy Riley, here are some bookmarks for the video:

1:02 SITE BASIC INFO Toolbar-System-Site Information
-Set page title
-Set Default Front Page
-Set 403 page 2:00

3:18´╗┐ SET-UP USERS Configuration-People-Account Settings

5:10 SET UP IMAGE SETTINGS Configuration-Media-Image styles

6:05 METATAGS Configuration-Search and metadata-metatags
-Title is now included in metatags and can be removed

7:48 COLORBOX Configuration-Media-Colorbox
-Needs to be installed sites-all-create folder called libraries (he uses the wrong location first)

10:47 Configuration-Search and metadata-URL aliases-Patterns

11:58 Fix Old URL aliases

12:40 303 page moved fixed with redirects


16:32 GLOBAL REDIRECT Configuration-System-Global Redirect

17:25 XML SITEMAP Configuration
-Search and metadata
-XML sitemap
Helps search engines index your site

21:10 VERIFICATION MODULE Configuration-Search and metadata-Verifications
Needed for Search enginge statistics and such

22:38 GOOGLE ANALYTICS´╗┐ Configuration-System-Google Analytics

For additional help with Drupal or Ubercart, visit http://drupal.org/forum, http://ubercart.org/forum

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