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Drop shipping is one of the methods of conducting business online. It involves accepting orders from customers and having them shipped directly from the company manufacturing the products or a wholesaler.

To explain the model in greater detail, the seller does not maintain a stock of goods. The seller simply ties up with a drop shipping supplier and lists his merchandise on his website. After receiving a customer order, the seller furthers the shipment details to the wholesaler or manufacturer who completes the order and makes the delivery. The seller accepts the payment for the transaction. His profit is the difference between the retail price and the wholesale price.

This is a great option for internet-only stores and small retail stores who do not have the budget to buy and maintain a warehouse where they can stock goods. It is also a good solution for all those logistical problems. The company looks after tasks such as packaging and labelling. One also does not have to bother about the delivery of goods to customers. The company staff takes care of it.

The Stages in the Drop Shipping Process

The first step involves choosing a company that will allow you to market and sell their products. You can either register with a company that gives you access to its wholesale branches or you can tie up directly with a wholesaler.

The second step involves listing the sale items on your website. The seller can procure product pictures and descriptions as well as the minimum listing price for their products. The best option is to work with an individual website. If you do not have one, you can list the items on an auction website by setting up a merchant account with them.

The listing of the items allows customers to peruse items and place an order. After the customer places the order and makes the payment, you must place the order with the company or wholesaler as the asking price.

Following this the company will ship the order to the customer. To increase customer satisfaction, you can track the order and make sure the customer receives it within the stated period.

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