Productivity Pointer: The Value of Thank You Notes Become more productive with productivity tips from Organized Audrey. Momma, no doubt, taught you your manners. To say Please and Thank you. To be a gracious guest and a happy host. And to always acknowledge a gift that has been given. In this Productivity Pointer, Audrey Thomas sheds light on an often-overlooked business etiquette item of writing Thank You Notes. It is important to show our appreciation and gratitude to others in our business sphere. Top of the list might be your customers. Next, co-workers and team members. And don’t forget the unsung heroes in people such as vendors and support positions like the UPS or FedEx delivery person.

These Productivity Pointers are posted frequently here on our OrganizedAudrey channel. If you enjoy Twitter, look for us at #LeanOffice to find other tips to help you become more efficient at the office with your time, email, desk organization and more. Audrey Thomas is the founder of and the author of several Microsoft Outlook Resource Cards and two books, including 50 Ways to Leave Your Clutter and The Road Called Chaos.

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