Vectors in PowerPoint – Inserting, Ungrouping, Designing – PowerPoint Animation Tutorial

This PowerPoint tutorial shows how to insert and use free vector images in PowerPoint to make your own custom animations and designs.

I now use Freepik to get free vectors (just download the EPS version of the file, then use Cloudconvert to convert to an EMF file, then use the same ungrouping process), since the MS Clipart site (shown in the video) is no longer in service.

If you want to practice with the files in this video, you can get them from the free download link here:

You can also get a written tutorial of this effect on my blog here:

To make your custom designs, you just drag or insert the vectors into PowerPoint, then ungroup them to get all of the pieces of the picture to work with. You can then modify each piece of the picture and then animate it as you like.

In this particular video, I show a beach scene with a woman who’s relaxing in the sun, but you can use whatever vector images you want and make everything you desire.

The animation style here (gradually building onto the slide) can also be applied to photos and other types of pictures using the “remove background” or “set transparent color” features.

Endless possibilities exist with this really cool PowerPoint trick – hopefully this video inspires new ideas!

► Download the sample file (just search for this video):

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