GIMP – Scissors Tool Tutorial

Welcome to The GIMP for Second Life presents the Magic Scissors tool.
It is also called the’intelligent scissors’ too. The magic scissors tool is a selection tool.
It selects a area defined by strong color-changes at the edges
Hopefully, the line segments will bend between the anchors to make a nice rounded selection.
First select the magic scissors tool.
Then place anchors around the area you want to select.
To complete the selection, click into the first anchor.
To select the area, click into it while still using the Magic Scissors.
If you want to select the outside of the area, simply, invert the selection. You find invert under the select window at the top of your canvas.
Now I will draw a couple more lines to demonstrate the outside is now selected.

Yay! Now you know how to use the magic Scissors tool.
Thank you for watching this video!
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