How To Fix (Replace) A GY6 Flywheel, Cdi, Stator, and Magneto

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This is a video of me showing how to get spark on a Jonway scooter when you can’t get spark on the spark plug or if you can’t get the scooter started. I go step by step on how to replace the magneto, coil, and the cdi on a scooter. First, I show how to take off the fan cover then the fan and the fan to get to the fly wheel. I show how how to take off the fly wheel so that you can replace the magneto and pick up coil. Next, I show how to put in the new magneto and how the wires go and also how to mount the magneto and the pick up coil. Then, I show how to put back the fly wheel, the fan, and the black outside fan cover on. Thanks for watching.


150cc Jonway scooter


Braaaplive2strokes is not responsible for any damage a viewer may do to their motorcycle(s) or themselves when misunderstanding or not full knowing what the instructions from this video fully meant.

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