Getting Started with the Yocto Project – New Developer Screencast Tutorial

NOTE: You will definitely want to view this video in large or full-screen mode at 720p resolution!

This half-hour screencast by Scott Garman introduces you to the Yocto Project and explains its benefits. It also includes live demos which explain the following:

* An overview of the Poky build system
* How the Poky sources are organized (types of metadata and where to find them)
* How to build your first Linux image and run it under emulation
* An introduction to recipes and an explanation of the most common types of metadata, using actual recipe examples
* An introduction to layers
* Where to obtain Yocto BSPs from
* How simple it is to download and enable a Yocto BSP
* Where to find further project resources (documentation, mailing lists, git repository, bugzilla)

By the end of this screencast, a new user will understand fundamental concepts about the build system, and be able to start their exploration of the Yocto Project with a solid foundation of knowledge.

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