Nexus Mod Manager : Tutorial


To better help newcomers understand what the Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) is and how it works, Dark0ne asked me to create a video tutorial to run through the program. It includes the following:

1. Introduction and “What is the Nexus Mod Manager” (0:00)

Setting up NMM
1. Downloading and installing NMM (02:06)
2. Running NMM for the first time (04:24)
3. Switching games, getting your mods to work with FOMM and NMM, and issues with OBMM (06:50)
4. Advanced installation with NMM and FOMM together (11:03)

Installing mods using NMM
1. Installing a simple mod (14:19)
2. Scripted installers (18:52)
3. Mods that do not work with NMM (19:57)
4. Mods that need a little work before installing (21:07)

Managing your mods
1. General Mod Management (25:44)
2. Updating your mods (29:43)

1. Conclusion (32:58)

The Nexus mod manager can be downloaded at any of the relevant NexusMods sites including:

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