PART 1 Modern Vintage Pinup Makeup Tutorial


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This is a lengthy 2 part video on how to do modern Pinup Makeup. The reason it is two parts is because I go into detail how I do my makeup. I am not only showing eyeshadow, but eyebrows, eyeliner, eyelashes and lipstick as well. So, instead of having to look for different videos on different things I bunched it all up together to make it easier for everyone. This is part one of two parts. I couldn’t mute the chipmunk voice lol.
ITEMS USED: MAC eyeshadows – Vapour, Naked Lunch, Mystery, Carbon. Eyeliner from MAC Black Track, Lipstick – Maybelline 645 Red Revival, Wet N’ Wild 508A, Beautique Red Lip Liner. Eyelashes – Ardell Fashion lashes 114

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