Moog Animoog iPad / iOS Sound Design Tutorial Pt 1: How to Get Started

In part one of a three part tutorial on Moog’s Animoog iPad app, Dubspot Instructor Matt Celletti shows you how to get to the initial state, so you can begin to understand how this powerful synth works.

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Leave it up to Moog to produce the finest synthesizer app on iOS. The legendary company best known for their iconic hardware has also created the finest example of what an iOS app should be: visually interesting, great sounding, and a ton of fun. I find myself being inspired by this unique take on synthesis every time I sit down with it, thanks to the intuitive controls and fascinating X/Y pad. We have so many choices available in the form of hardware and software synths these days, and yet, I find myself often starting out with Animoog to get the creative juices flowing.

One thing I have noticed about this app is that it may be quite complex for new users to fully understand. Given the low introductory price of this app, I’m sure a lot of would-be synthesists began playing with it only to get frustrated by the synth’s architecture. In Part 1 of this three part tutorial, I explain how to break the instrument down to it’s most basic form. This is commonly referred to as initializing. When we start to look at the synth from the absolute initial state, it is much easier to comprehend. The following tutorials are an explanation of Animoog’s parameters and how to create usable sounds by learning the fundamentals of this wonderful instrument. – Matt Celletti

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