How To Play Fragile Guitar Lesson & TAB #1 Sting Tutorial


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Learn how to play Fragile by Sting on acoustic or electric guitar with this free online instructional youtube tutorial video. This is part 1 and covers the intro and verse, part 2 will cover the chorus.

It’s basically a “by ear transcription” that i did and in addition to that i checked a video or two online. The bassline is in some points arranged to give it a more full sound when playing the song on your own without a bassplayer backing you up. It very well be that the Sting plays certain chords or riffs with a different fingering but overall it should be pretty ok…

Chances are that I don’t cover each and every variation to the theme or chorus, but this tutorial should give you a solid base for those few alterations that are played in the original song.

enjoy this new video!


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