Blender 2.59/2.6 Tutorial – Billboard bush Part 1: Making

Please read the description people!
Texture pack below 😀

Link to texture pack:
(the link goes through adfly, just wait 5 seconds and i get like $0.002. Give it a few years and i’ll have enough for a milkybar!)

To raytrace shadows (and get nice realistic shadow results in renders) look here:
In this tutorial we look at making a billboard (plane) bush that can be used in game engines such as BGE, UDK, and unity etc or for filling out scenes.

Bushes like this are simple to make, look convincing in a game environment or animation and have an extremely low polycount.

Exporting to unity/whatever:
The majority of game engines I’ve used use the autodesk FBX format for models.
1. Go to preferences in blender (File, User Preferences)
2. click the Add-Ons tab
3. click the Import-Export category
4. check whatever you need

5. Exit user preferences
6. File, Export, whatever.
7. Open your game engine and import from wherever you found it, along with textures. Animations and UV maps are saved within the model file for FBX (and maybe some others)

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