Analog Photography Tutorial: Yashica FR-I (Some Basics)

How to open the back and load a 35mm / 135 film cassette,
How to dismount and mount lenses,
How to use the self-timer etc.

On special request: a tutorial about the Yashica FR-1. Note: As the Contax RTS, the Yashica FR and the FR-2 are rather similar, you might get some useful informations for these cameras as well. 🙂

The Yashica FR-1 is a very sturdy camera, a little bit like a tank, unlike so many modern devices, so some of you might still use it, and if it was your father’s or grandfather’s camera and you can’t find the instruction booklet, maybe you can get some informations about this camera here. 🙂

For further information about the the use of a cable release and a winder for the FR-I, please confer the following video:

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