OP-1 Tutorial: Making a Track

With NAMM 2012 coming I wanted to take inventory of the current OP-1 capabilities and to address some of the questions I have been getting from sharing my OP-1 videos here on YouTube. I take the “start from scratch” approach and show how to make a basic track loop. I make house music so you can expect some deep house vibes. It’s a long video (30 mins) so here is a summary of what is included:

– Erasing all 4 tape tracks
– Making a drum sequence in Pattern sequencer
– Setting up loop sections
– Navigating loop sections
– Recording sequences to tape (in time)
– Chord memory techniques
– Recording live keys to tape
– Overdubbing to tape
– Recording to different tracks
– Sampling to the Synth sampler
– Playing with sampled sounds

The OP-1 is a very capable tool for production. It is not a toy… it just looks like one to many people. Others see the simplistic interface as a refined means to an end. Whatever your stance may be, the OP-1 and the money I spent was worth it to me, by far. I am rejuvenated and want to to be creative again. It’s kind of like my early set up with a Roland R8 drum machine, Roland JV-35 keyboard (borrowed) and Alesis MMT-8 Sequencer put down to DAT recorder (only a stereo pair of tracks! Oh my). Necessity can be inspiring! Limits to memory, space on tape, tracks are a test to me… a test I need to pass. This makes me think of really out og the box ways to get things done. I don’t just pull a preset solution out of a 2 terabyte hard drive somewhere. I hope you find the tutorial interesting and that it may inform you on how to use your new OP-1, or that you now need to buy one, or that you are now sure it’s not for you (perfectly okay too). Thanks for stopping by to check out another one of my videos.

Don’t forget to check the unofficial (but best) OP-1 Forum for samples, user support and the latest TE rumors. Ohpeewon dot com

NOTE: This video is a tutorial and has a lot of talking. It’s a balance of explanation and actions, and is not really meant for adapt OP-1 users. And, “yes”, to the nitpickers I know I say “familiar” as “fur-miliar” LOL. My grandma says “warsh” instead of wash” so I guess it runs in the family. Sue me. It was 2:30am and the aged 18 year Scottish grain spirits were mellowing me out. Slàinte mhath! • [ slanj’-uh va’ ] – (“Good Health” in English)

Link to Live DJ Performance OP-1 video: http://youtu.be/CXucgeAWuFk

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