Propellerhead Reason 6 – New Course Preview + Sample Tutorial: Bass Sound Design Using Thor

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In this new video, Dubspot instructor and course designer Chris Petti offers a preview into Dubspot’s revamped Reason curriculum, and shows you how to create a Wavetable based synth lead sound from scratch using Propellerhead Reason’s powerful polysonic synthesizer Thor. In a step by step process, he explains and demonstrates how you can design unique bass sounds while exploring the creative possibilities of Reason’s versatile Thor; from a basic explanation of Wavetable synthesis and adding oscillators and combining wave sounds and effects to adding real-time controls and engaging Thor’s WaveShaper, which is usually used to alter and twist sounds for dramatic results. For further exploration of Propellerhead Reason’s Thor and Wavetable synthesis, be sure to check out our Reason & Record Certificate Program.

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