Creative youTube Channel design with photoshop (Tutorial)

How to create a nice youTube-Channel design? The video shows how it works (with Adobe photoshop). It is really easy: here the steps:
Attention: you can only use this method if your channel-design is set on “old-style”.
1. Change your Design to a simple standard-design
2. change the wrapper and (background-) color transparency to “none” – that means these elements are invisible
3. Take a screenshot and paste it into a new photoshop-file
4. copy the “fixed” elements like the video-stage, the ad-layer or the buttons in a new seperate layer.
5 Now you can change the background – be creative and find a design that looks well.
6. Finally, save your picture as a .jpeg or .png – Attantion: maximum filesize is 256 kb.
7. Go to your youTube-Channel and upload your new background image.
8. Ready – if you did a mistake : no problem. Fix it and upload it again.

This method works very well with Brand-Designs.
Good luck 🙂

Free photoshop-file with clean design: coming soon…

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