5 Minute Joomla Tutorial – Load a module within a content article or another module.

Basic steps to load or display a Joomla module within a Content Article & load a module within a module. (Sorry for the cut off video. . . but you get the point ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Using the Modules Anywhere plugin for Joomla

1. Download and install the Modules Anywhere extension for your appropriate version of Joomla.

2. Navigate to your Extensions … Plugin Manager. Make sure that the plugin called Content-Load Module is DISABLED. Open the plugin called System-Modules Anywhere, enable it, and make sure that the parameter “Handle {loadposition} tags” is set to YES.

3. Create a new module of the type you desire. Give it a title, publish it, assign it to ALL MENUS, then set the position. Instead of placing the module into a predefined template position, create a custom one. You do this by clicking within the dropdown box and manually typing a unique name you can remember. Copy this to your clipboard. Save module.

4. Using the syntax {loadposition nameofposition} you can now load the module assigned to this custom position into not only an article, but also into another custom html module.

Benefits: There are many different scenarios where this might be useful. In this tutorial I show how you can create ONE master custom html module with basic contact information and then load this one module into another module or into an article. This would make it possible for you to update the contact information in ONE PLACE; INSTEAD OF HAVING TO CHANGE IT IN EVERY COPY OF THE MODULE YOU MAY HAVE CREATED FOR THE SITE. This way you can save time and avoid missing a module to update.

Please feel free to message me with any questions or to leave feedback. I will redo the video if it wasn’t quite clear ๐Ÿ™‚

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