(EASY No Capo) Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift Guitar Tutorial

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Chords without capo *Easiest way to play it!

Part 1 Amin, Emin, C, G
Part 2 D, C


Part 1 C, G, D
Part 2 Emin, D, C

Bridge C, D, Emin, D
2nd Bridge C, G, D


Capo 3rd fret

Verse: Part 1 F#min, C#min7, Asus2, Emaj Part 2 Bsus4, Asus2

Chorus Part 1 Amaj, Emaj, Bsus4 Part 2 Amaj, Emaj, Bsus4/Eb, Cmin7, Bsus4, A#min7b5
Bridge: Asus2, Bsus4, Cmin7

This is an easy version of the song “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift. This tutorial has no finger picking in it.

If you want to play it the correct way look at my other tutorial that goes over the finger picking in the song!


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