Photoshop Tutorial: The best methods for whitening teeth

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Hey guys, today I will be showing you the best methods for whitening teeth for those pictures where your friends and family forgot to brush. Both ways are very simple and will get the job done quick. (Both around the same amount of time)

Sorry for posting this today. I, again, didn’t have time saturday since it was christmas eve and was celebrating with family and such. I explain in the video that if I don’t have the amount of time that I need to make a video (which is usually between 1 to 1 1/2 hours) I won’t make it and will save it for the next day. I will also post tutorials on EffectsandTutorials every other Sunday. I was becoming to much work to make two tutorials every weekend. Anyway, thanks for watching and please subscribe so you know when my latest video is out. I am only 111 away from 1000 so it would be great if you guys could do that.

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