Understanding Drupal Documentary

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In Understanding Drupal, the first in The Lullabot Learning Series, the Lullabot team provides an overview of Drupal as a content management system, as a PHP web application framework, and as a developer community. Its documentary-style exploration covers all the terminology and fundamental concepts for both site administrators and developers. If you’ve ever been confused by Drupal or are still trying to wrap your head around the community and platform, then this video is a roadmap to accelerate your journey up the Drupal learning curve.

Topics include:

* How content is entered and managed
* How users and user permissions are handled
* What blocks are and what they can do
* The concepts and capabilities of Drupal’s powerful module system
* How Drupal handles navigation and its menu system
* How themes alter the site layout, design, and presentation
* Site configuration and administrative messages and settings

This video uses Drupal 6 for examples, however it is more focused on general Drupal concepts rather than version-specific how-tos.

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