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From consumer products to transportation, the creative design process always starts with a sketch. Industrial designers across industries first draw their ideas on paper and then, as the project evolves, move to 3D to explore the design volumes and proportions.
CATIA V6 introduces CATIA Natural Sketch, a new breakthrough 3D sketching experience that finally brings together the intuitiveness of creative 2D painting gesture and the power of accurate, realistic 3D modeling.
This first-of-its-kind lifelike creative experience helps designers to free up their creativity and share their ideas more rapidly and precisely.
It also allows them to quickly transform their 2D ideas into a 3D reality;
as well as explore design details and alternatives by sketching directly on existing 3D models.

Sketching in 3D allows designers to better understand their design in volume, avoid misinterpretations of 2D views, and better communicate their ideas. It also gives designers and design studio teams the ability to use 3D sketches curves to create the 3D model with surface modeling or subdivision surface modeling tools.
CATIA Natural Sketch complements the CATIA for Creative Designers solution to address the complete industrial design workflow with a unified environment, from ideation and concept to refinement and design validation, from the first sketch to the final production-ready 3D product.
By making sketching in 3D truly as intuitive as sketching on paper, CATIA Natural Sketch brings a revolutionary lifelike creative experience that matches designers’ needs. CATIA V6 removes emotional barriers towards 3D creation by enabling designers to focus entirely on creativity and design intent and not on how to use the technology.

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