Bodhran Lesson 1 – How To Hold And The Basic Stroke

This beginner bodhran tutorial will teach you how to play the bodhran step by step. Specifically you’ll learn:
1. How to hold the bodhran correctly 00:30
2. How to hold the stick 01:54
3. Basic stroke making 02:41
4. Correct ‘fluid’ wrist technique 04:00
5. The difference between jigs and reels 07:10
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Course Synopsis: This course is designed to equip the beginner with all the rudiments necessary to tastefully accompany traditional Irish music. The tutor will patiently guide you from holding the stick and the drum, and learning the basic stroke, right through to sophisticated patterns and ‘fills’ on the drum, step by step. The emphasis in this course is on technique. The tutor equips you with the rudiments you will need to develop your own style of playing. You will also learn..

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Creative Irish music tutorials from the Online Academy of Irish Music

The bodhrán/bodhran (pronounced “bough-rawn”) is a hand-held Irish or Celtic drum, also known as an Irish hand drum, or Irish frame drum. Bodhrans are essential for the rhythmic structure of traditional Irish music and are what give it that distinctly Irish feel. A bodhran drum is played using a stick, that is known as a tipper or beater. Bodhran tippers can vary in size depending on the particular style one is aiming for. The bodhran is an easy instrument to pick up and learn from video lessons if you have a good teacher. Brian Fleming is master bodhran player from Ireland who is particularly good at beginner bodhran lessons, his tutorials are very clear and easy to follow. His bodhran lessons give an insight into how the bodhran contributes the rhythm to Irish dance music, in particular Irish jigs and Irish reels. If you want to learn how to play the bodhran these bodhran youtube lessons are a fantastic starting point. Bodhran lessons for beginners have never been made more straightforward to help you start playing the bodhran from scratch. So if you’re looking for Irish bodhran drum lessons, look no further! Listen to Brian Fleming’s bodhran solo and learn the Irish drum from a master.

Intro music played by our own Thomas Johnston, courtesy of Rhythms of Ireland Dance Show.

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