NI BATTERY Tutorial: Drum Kit Sound Design

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In this video focusing on sound design using Native Instruments’ BATTERY drum sampler, New York-based producer, audio engineer, and sound programmer Evan Sutton demonstrates his approach to building and processing a custom drum kit. BATTERY is cutting-edge drum sampler that contains an extensive library of drum sounds and percussive instruments. It allows you to manipulate and shape your drums to fit your style of music. Evan takes us through the steps of splitting and routing individual drum elements of a drum pattern from BATTERY into separate inputs within Ableton Live while explaining how to utilize the various features. Evan also processes the drum sounds further with saturation to add warmth, impact, and character. By the end of the tutorial, you should have a good grasp of how to build and shape drum kits in BATTERY, and how to set up multiple inputs in Ableton Live so that your individual drum elements can be bussed to separate channels. In the second part, Evan Sutton demonstrates how to create an aggressive bassline in Ableton Live using Native Instruments’ FM8 virtual FM synthesizer to go along with the custom drum kit.

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