EPS Earnings Per Share Explained in 11 minutes – Financial Ratio Analysis Tutorial

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Let’s say that ABC Company’s Net income last year is one thousand dollars and there are one hundred shares outstanding. What is its earnings per share? Well its super simple, earnings per share is simply the total net income last year of the whole company divided by the number of shares outstanding. Now, if you do this equation you’d find that the earnings per share is exactly ten dollars, a nice simple easy round number.
Now this is the most easy part of financial ratio which is to compute the actual number. What’s more important is what does this mean? This means that every share earns ten dollars a year in profit, or last year every share earned ten dollars a year in profit. Meaning, you get the whole profit of the company and you divide that by the total number of shares. Then every shareholder, assuming every shareholder owns exactly one share, then every shareholder gets ten dollars a year in profit. Now I’d like to stress that this is ten dollars a year in profit not in dividend.

EPS Earnings Per Share in 11 minutes – Financial Ratio Analysis Tutorial

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