Mathematics Tutorial Factoring & Division,Mortensen, Montessori K12 video

Ben presents Factoring & Division with Mortensen Math. Problem Solving is Algebra. Algebra is Problem Solving. Story Problems use Algebra/Problem Solving. Algebra visualization with Mortensen manipulative colored blocks to visualizing algebraic expressions, visualizing mathematics.
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Know 3 things and you can start with any Math discipline, Problem Solving, Subtraction, Multiplication, Addition, Division etc. at almost any age:
1. Count To Nine
2. Identify a Rectangle
3. Understand whether something is “the same” or “different”

THE MISSION OF MORTENSEN MATH is to CHANGE the way students are taught. To help any student become an ACHIEVER, a BELIEVER in herself and himself.  THE DIFFERENCE MORTENSEN MATH CAN MAKE:  Students leave the “system” WITH THEIR DIGNITY INTACT.  Students receive the GIFT of CHOICE.  No one need be held back by a lack of confidence in math skills, causing avoidance of careers based on FEAR of math.  Students now have the FREEDOM OF CHOICE based on their STRENGTHS in math to become Economists, Engineers, Robotics Developers, Astronauts, Scientists, TEACHERS, or even President!

TO BE CORRECTED TYPO ON one of the graphics: “Factorting” should be “Factoring”. Thank you for your patience with us in our hurry to share our beloved “best math curriculum on the planet” with you NOW, TODAY!

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