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How to access cPanel accounts through WHM

• WHM allows you to access cPanel accounts from the end user perspective, without needing to know your clients’ login information.
• Find Account Information section. Go to list accounts.
• Next to every account’s domain name, you will see the cPanel logo. Clicking on this icon will take you to the account’s cPanel.
• The outlook of cPanel will be almost similar to what the client will see. Whenever you’re logged into cPanel as a reseller or a root, you will see a warning in red notifying you about this fact.
• The drop down menu with switch account option will give you an ability to switch to other accounts.
• You should be taken instantly to the other account. After a loading message, the transfer will be completed.
• You will be able to see that the drop down list will be updated to reflect the change in currently active account.
• You will be able to do almost everything that the client can, with at least one exception. Scroll down.
• Click on phpMyAdmin icon under databases column. A giant error message will state that you can not access a user’s phpMyAdmin when logged in as root or reseller. You need to be a user to access it.
• Close the tab or window to return to cPanel.

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