Oblivion Tutorial #2 – Best Sword and Armor To Get At level 1

This is the best armor and Sword you can get at level 1 in oblivion.
You just have to be ready for a fight.
If you make yourself born under the serpent, this fight will be much easier.

What I would like to say is you would like to have some decent weapons with you, as soon as you leave prison, like the “goblin shaman staff” Which is very good at level one, also you should have a “Steel ShortSword” with you just incase. Being born under the serpent will make this fight so much easier, but if not use the goblin shaman staff.

Umbra is by far one of the best swords in the game! And the ebony armor at level one, you don’t usually see this until level 17. It is however a difficult fight so be ready! It is not only one of the most powerful weapon’s in oblivion, but it also has a unique ability to capture souls. “Soul Trapping” Can be done with a soul gem and by killing anything that has a soul. You can then use a soul gem to enchant or re enchant items!

The armor is great for level 1 and you will be very well protected. I highly suggest you have “Heavy Armor” As one of your Major Stats.

Here is a little information about umbra

Umbra is a Bosmer warrior who can be found in the Ayleid ruin Vindasel. She named herself after her sword, the powerful artifact Umbra. If the story seems familiar, this is because the sword Umbra also appeared during Morrowind, along with another character who had named himself after the sword. As part of his Daedric quest, Clavicus Vile would like to get the sword back.

Years ago, Umbra’s name was Lenwin, and she lived in Pell’s Gate where she was Irroke the Wide’s apprentice. She found Umbra, although where she located it is unknown. The sword’s need for souls drove Lenwin to pick fights with and kill many villagers. When driven out of town, Umbra became a mercenary.

She now appears to regret her actions and has retreated to Vindasel to prevent any further deaths. However, if you challenge her, she is more than capable of defending herself.
She is a difficult opponent for low level Characters however following this guide it is possible to kill her.n addition to her sword, she also wears a full suit of Umbra’s Ebony Armor. Her ebony armor is actually leveled. If you are at or above level 15 (the level at which ebony armor starts to appear in regular loot), you will receive armor with statistics identical to standard Ebony Armor. Below level 15, however, the health and armor rating are actually identical to Orcish Armor.If you try to speak with Umbra before the Clavicus Vile quest, she will not provide any topics (such as Rumors). However, once you exit the conversation window, she will say one of the following:Umbra. It is everything.
The blade. It hungers for souls.
Get out of here while you can.
Umbra shall feed! (only when attacked).
She also has her own “Umbra’s Restore” ability, which effectively allows her to heal 2 points of health per second. Regardless of your strategy, you should press the attack

The greatest challenge in defeating Umbra lies within her healing ability: damage has to be done as rapidly as possible so that she does not just heal herself in between your attacks.
Although the standard quest procedure would be to wait until you get the assignment from Clavicus Vile, then go after Umbra, there are several good reasons to tackle Umbra much earlier in the game. You can kill Umbra at any point, take the Umbra sword, which will be a zero-weight quest item, and keep it in your inventory until you want to do this quest. The main disadvantage is that killing Umbra before the quest starts will count as assault and murder. Some of the reasons to kill Umbra prematurely are: The sword and her armor are both very powerful; having them in your possession early in the game is a great advantage.
It bypasses a serious glitch that occurs in unpatched versions of the game.
You can complete the quest well before level 20, and avoid paying the 500 gold offering. If you approach the Shrine at any time with Umbra already in your possession, you can trigger the entire end-of-quest dialogue and the quest will be marked as done. Just be sure to talk to Ma’Raska first to make sure the quest updates properly.
This is the only way to obtain a Daedric artifact for the Blood of the Daedra quest at level 1, and therefore it allows you to complete the Main Quest at level 1.

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