TUTORIAL : How to Sample in FL Studio (Time Stretch) & Basic Tips

Hey guys it’s TwistedEdge here coming at ya with my FIRST official youtube video.. I’m basically just sharing some knowledge to new comers looking for help about minor tips and (the main focus in the video) how to time stretch and sample in FL Studio.

I hope the audio and video quality comes out good on this one since it took me a bit of time messing with the settings inside Sony Vegas to find out what the best quality seemed like… lol

Well anyways I hope I helped a person or two with this video (if it did help you please just LIKE it, FAVORITE it, and subscribe to my channel to stay updated when I release more videos like this!) Also if you guys/girls have any questions, comments, or suggestions for future videos on what you would like to see me cover just shoot me a comment and I will reply!

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