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How to upgrade Joomla 1.5.x to the latest version using cPanel
• Installing updates is an essential part of running any type of web software. Not doing so can leave your entire web hosting vulnerable to security issues.
• Looking at the process, it could seem like a difficult task but it can further be broken down in simple steps.
• Log into your joomla site and look at the top right corner that which version you are using. Now go to the and download the updates.
• Look down and right and click on the download button. The page includes the latest version. Click on the link of Download other Joomla 1.5x packages
• Open the Files tab, look through the files until you find the version required to be downloaded. Save that file to your computer. The patch is saved to your computer.
• Before applying the patch you will be needed to make a backup of the entire Joomla database. After making the backup, you should also make a backup of the entire joomla directory.
• Go to the file manager in the cPanel and then right click on the Joomla folder and click on copy. Give the name of the backup and click on copy file(s).
• On refreshing a backup directory will be created and now let’s upgrade the file that we have downloaded.
• Double click on the original Joomla directory and go to upload. A upload files screen will be displayed and then click on browse and double click on the patch previously downloaded.
• The upload is complete and then click on the link to go back to the File Manager
• Now, we are to extract the package. Scroll down to it and checkbox next to the file and click on extract. Verify that the file is going to be extracted to the Joomla directory. Click on extract files(s).
• A list of extracting lines will be displayed, after it is done, click on the X to return to the File manager.
• The upgrade process should be complete by now. Go to your Joomla site to confirm if the version has been updated.

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