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How to secure your Joomla installation’s PHP settings over FTP
• You are required to be connected to your server and have Joomla directory in the FTP manager.
• The provided htaccess file can be used or we can create it on our own. For this tutorial we will use the file already provided.
• Scroll down and right click on the htaccess.txt file and view/edit.
• The default htaccess file will be in front of us.
• We will be add the php_flag display_errors and set its value to off and secondly we will add php_flag_url_include and set it to off.
• When you are done, go to the file menu and click on save. Now return to the FTP manager.
• Now, you will have the notification saying that the htaccess file has been changed and asking you if you would like to upload back to the server. If this message does not appear then you will have to upload the file manually.
• Click on yes and which the overwrite option, click OK.
• The last thing to be done is to change the file name to .htaccess and can be used by Joomla.
• This is the end of the tutorial showing how to secure installation’s PHP settings over FTP.

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