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How to restore a Joomla backup made with phpMyAdmin
• This tutorial shows that how to restore a Joomla database backup previously made by phpMyAdmin.
• Firstly let’s create a new database to store the current data in the Joomla Database just in case there is a problem restoring a backup.
• Scroll down to databases and click MySQL Databases. Type a name for backup database and then click on create database
• Click on Go back and scroll down to Database again. Go to phpMyAdmin.
• Click on the Joomla database and then click on Operations.
• Under copy database to, type the temporary database name.
• Uncheck create database before copying. Click on switch to copied database and then go.
• The database is copied successfully and, let’s us restore the backup.
• Select the original database, after scrolling down the page click on check all. Then, choose empty from the drop down box.
• Click on yes, now the database is empty and we can restore our backup.
• Click on import and browse and select the backup file. Scroll down and click Go.
• If you come across any problems, the temporary backup database made by us would be helpful.

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