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How to restore a Joomla backup made with cPanel
• This tutorial will show how to restore a Joomla database previously made using cPanel.
• Firstly let’s create a new database to store the current data in the Joomla Database just in case there is a problem restoring a backup.
• Scroll down to databases and click MySQL Databases. Type a name for backup database and then click on create database.
• Click on Go back and scroll down to Database again. Go to phpMyAdmin.
• Click on the Joomla database. Under copy database to, type the temporary database name.
• Uncheck create database before copying. Click on switch to copied database and then go.
• The database is copied successfully and now, let’s switch back to cPanel and restore the backup.
• Scroll down to files, and click on backups.
• Scroll down to browse your MySQL backup and select it. Click on upload.
• Scroll down to the screen to look for errors. If there are no errors, then restoration seems to be complete. If you come across any problems, the temporary backup database made by us would be helpful.

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