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How to reset your Joomla admin password using phpMyAdmin
• In this tutorial, you will find out how to change the Joomla admin password using thphpMyAdmin. We will be showing how to get to phpMyadmin using the cPanel. No control panel is required.
• Scroll down until you see databases and click on phpMyAdmin.
• Click on your Joomla database in the left and scroll down until you find your user’s table. Click on the browse button, click on the edit button next to the user whose password is required to be changed.
• Type the password in the password box. Click on the function box on the left to tell phpMyAdmin to convert the password to the correct format.
• Select MD5 and scroll down and click on GO.
• Now let’s go to Joomla and check if it worked.
• Go to the login page and fill in the details and then click login. The page opens and the change in password is successful.
• Now, it’s time to change the password in Joomla, since it stores extra information along with the MD5 has of the password.
• Click site and go to the user manager. Click on the user.
• Change the user’s password and click on save. That’s it, the password has been updated.

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