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An overview of the different user types of Joomla

• A Joomla site is just an empty shell without an active user base.
• There are four groups built in Joomla.
• The first user group is Registered group. This group does not have any kind of access to write, edit or publish articles on Joomla site.
• Next, there is Author group. Authors are allowed to submit content to Joomla site. They can edit their own articles, but no one else’s; they can’t publish content.
• The third group is called Editor. Editors can edit other people’s content, as well as their own. They can’t publish anything. There is an edit button on the top of every article.
• The final user group is publisher. The option will be appeared for publishing the article. Publisher is similar to editor, but having the additive feature of publishing articles. Every published article is made visible to everyone.

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