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How to prevent image hotlinking for Joomla using cPanel
• Hotlink protection prevents the other websites from linking to your images and files and thereby using your bandwidth. You need to be logged in to your cPanel account to enable the hotlink protection.
• Scroll down and click on the Hotlink Protection.
• Scroll down, cPanel should have automatically filled in the URLs to allow access box. If that is not the case, then you need to type all the domains and the sub domains that should be able to access your files.
• Now type the file extension you want to restrict the access to.
• Allowing the direct access lets people type the URL to a file in their browser but not access it on the web page other than the specified ones.
• By default, a message is displayed when someone triggers the hotlink protection; an alternative is to send the person to the URL specified.
• Type the URL and click on submit to activate the hotlink.
• Click Go back, now hotlink protection is enabled for all the files in the public_html folder. But if you want that only Joomla Folder is to be protected, then click on Home.
• Scroll down and go to the file manager, click on show hidden files and Go.
• The hotlink protection is saved in a file called .htaccess in the public_html folder. Right click on it.
• Click in the copy option and enter the path to your joomla dictionary and click copy file(s).
• To very .htaccess contains the correct information is by double clicking on the Joomla directory; scroll down until you see the .htaccess file.
• Click on the checkbox and click on edit option and in the new wizard window click on edit.
• Make any necessary changes and then click save changes.
• Now joomla has hotlink protection set up independently from cPanel, let’s disable it from there.
• Go to the hotlink protection page and click disable.
• That’s it. The hotlink protection is enabled only on the Joomla directory.

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