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How to enable article attachments in Joomla

• It is not possible to attach a file to an article in standard Joomla install as it is commonly available in many other web applications. There is an extension adding to this capability and it is called Attachment for content articles.
• Check the extensions at Navigate to Directory & Documentation/Downloads category and find the Attachments for content articles page. Click on download button.
• At the top of page, you will notice a bunch of language files for this installation. You can install any of them, if required.
• Download the zip file. Once you have it on your system, you will be required to install it.
• If there are all four extensions installed, you will have to activate three plugins.
• Click on Extensions -: Plugin manager. Find each plugin and click Disabled icon to turn the plugin to Enabled. Green sign means it is enabled and red cross means it is disabled. Click on Next button.
• You can change some of Joomla settings. Click on Site -: Global configuration. Go to Systems tab, scroll down. The attachments extension uses Joomla’s media settings for determining the types, which can be uploaded. Fill the entities and click on Save button.
• Now, you can check the attachments component. Go to Components -: Article attachments. When your users upload attachments to articles, they will appear on the window for managing.
• Click on New button on the top for adding attachments to articles. Browse article. Open it and complete other entities. Click on Save button. Make sure you publish the attachment, else, it won’t display. Scroll right and click on Parameters for looking at extension settings. You can edit or add the parameters and click on save button.
• Go to Admin section. There will be extra administrative commands, which might be useful for you. Hover you mouse over each link for giving description.
• In order to see a link to add attachment, you must be logged in as either the owner of article or an editor/publisher. You will be able to see Add attachment link at bottom. Attachments can also be deleted by clicking on cross button beside the name.

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