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How to change the default Joomla favicon
• This tutorial assumes that you have the site open in your browser.
• A favicon is a small image shown next to the website’s name.
• You will either be needed to create your own 16 by 16 pixel image or use a favicon generator available on the web.
• Once you have the image, open the FTP manager and link it with your Joomla site.
• Scroll down to find the templates folder.
• Double click on the folder containing the theme currently used by your site.
• Now click and drag your favicon into the folder.
• Making sure overwrite is selected, click on ok.
• After uploading the image, refresh the site in your browser.
• Notice the new favicon, and in some cases you will even be needed to clear up your cache for your new icon to show up.
• This is all that is required to change the Joomla favicon.

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