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How to add the Agora forum system to your Joomla site

• Check the extensions at Navigate to Access and Security/ Frontend Access Control category and find Agora page.
• Click on download button to proceed. Scroll down and click on the latest version to download. Click on components tab. You will see the description. Scroll down to download the link. Save the file to your system.
• First two actions will be automatically performed. You can click on Install clean database, if you wish to clear out the information. Scroll back to top.
• Agora is a complex Joomla component and some parts might not be available in the tutorial.
• Go to components -: options. When you first visit Agora section, you might see some initial setup queries. Press F5 to refresh the page.
• Left hand side menu contains the expansion for options contained in the upper side of tab. Each page contains any number of related options. The default options should be kept as it is, if you are not sure about the settings.
• At any point, if you wish to take the help for any section, you can click on help button and type the issue.
• Go to configuration section. You will have to check this section before visiting forums tab.
• You can check the Groups tab to control the permissions of the users, depending on the role of each other. You can check the default group permissions. Click on it. You can make amendments.
• You can click on the links for checking the next member. You can make checks on the boxes and then click on submit button. Click on Save button at top right.
• Click on Forums tab. Create a category to contain it. Add a category from the top side. There will be a next window, which can help you to post threads. If you wish to create order for categories, you can proceed to make it. Click on Save button, when done.
• The category will be shown. Now, you will have to create a new forum. Click on Add forum option at the top. Fill in the specifications. Click on Save button, when done.
• Click on Users tab. All the Joomla users were imported by synchronization process that ran automatically at the end of installation.
• Click on Maintenance tab. Prune allows you to mass delete posts older than certain age. Upload manager will let you to control the files that are uploaded by your users. On DB tools page, you can perform the same operations, which were done automatically at the end of installation.
• Now, we need to add a link to the forums in Joomla and our members will be able to post the hearts’ content. You will see the Main menu option in the Menus tab. Click on Agora forum. Fill in the specifications.

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