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How to translate a language using the Translations Manager in Joomla

• Joomla requires you to edit and handle the files by hand. You can also use Translation manager option for it.
• You can create new language translation based on existing ones. It’s a big work and hence, you should create one that has been done already.
• There are dozens of ready made translations available on Joom;a Extensions Directory.
• You can go to page and then navigate to Languages/Multi-lingual content category and find Translations Manager page.
• You can download it by clicking on Download button. Right click on the file and copy the link. Install the package in Joomla.
• Click Components -: Translation Manager. The default language is English.
• To create a new translation, click on New button. Fill in the required entities and click on Save button, when done. New site language will be created.
• Phrases column will show number of phrases in each column. You can edit any phrase by clicking on it.
• The language at default will become reference language. Phrases in left column come from that language. Work in the way you want to proceed and translate every phrase.
• When you complete it, click on Mark this transaction file as complete box. Scroll right and click on save button.
• You can export the files in proper format to be installed by extension manager. Click on Languages to return to language list. Choose the language you wish to export. Click on package. The file will create a path shown on the screen.

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