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How to manage templates in Joomla

• Templates control the look of your website.
• You can download and install templates, modify existing ones or even create your own.
• Go to Extensions -: Template manager. The installed templates will be displayed on the page. The default template will be marked with a star.
• Scroll over the template to have a look at its view. You can click it to view details and options available.
• You can view the details and parameters. Click on Edit HTML. You can make changes in HTML template. Whatever changes you make will affect every page of the Joomla website. Click on Save button, when done.
• You can Edit CSS by clicking on the button. CSS is used by the modern websites for controlling colors and layout of the page.
• There are several files available. Some templates will allow you to change the overall color scheme, without altering anything else. Choose the template.
• Click on Edit button. Make amendments in the text editor and click on save button, when done.
• Once you’re done with the template, click on Save button to go to Template Manager. To change the default template, click radio button next to the template you wish to be the default. The option for default is available by scrolling on right and top.
• There are many administrator templates. Click on Administrator tab. Everything works in the same way as shown for Site templates.

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