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How to manage articles in Joomla

Articles are organized into sections and categories in Joomla. Sections are top level organization followed by categories ordered by the section.
Click on Article – Article manager.
For article unarchive, select the checkbox. Click archive for archiving the article. Archived articles are retained on the site as unpublished and can not be published, till unarchived.
For publishing the articles, check the articles and then click on Publish icon at the top. Similar is the case for unpublishing.
Articles can be moved or copied to other locations. Select the articles you wish to move or copy. Move/ Copy to the section or category where you wish to paste the article. Click on Save button when you complete the task.
If you wish to delete the article, select them and click on trash button at the top.
For editing the article, check the article and click on edit button. Make necessary changes and click on Save button.
If you want to create a new article, click on New button at the top. Fill the entities. For publishing the article, click to yes.

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