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How to change your site’s logo in Joomla

• When setting up a Joomla website, you will have to change the logo.
• Go to Extensions -: Template Manager. Click on default template. Go to edit CSS. CSS is used by modern websites to control colors and layout of the page. Joomla template might be stored in CSS only.
• The bulk code for most templates is template.css. Scroll down the list and find that file. Select the radio button.
• Scroll up and click on Edit button. Scroll down the text editor and begin the search for line starting with div#logo.
• In that section, you will see a line starting with background option. Click and drag the URL parenthesis on that line. Paste the URL you wish to use. You can also keep the default URL, find the file on FTP and overwrite with new logo. Save these settings. CSS file will be saved.
• You can check the layout by clicking on preview option. Joomla logo will be updated.

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