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How to add a user menu to your Joomla site

Click on Menus – Menu manager. Click on New button.
Give unique name for identification of module within the code. Click on Save button.
Click on the icon next to it to add items to our menu. The first item will allow the users to edit details. Click on New button.
Click on User – User form layout. Scroll down. Choose title and other entities. Click on Save button, when done.
Click on New tab on the page. The new item will be added for Submitting an article. Click on articles – Article submission layout. Fill menu item details.
Click on web link – web link submission layout for making the layout.
Click Default login layout. Fill the entities.
The display module can be enabled by clicking on Extensions – Module manager. Enable user menu module.
The access level can be changed. Scroll down.
Open advanced parameters. User Module class suffix type_menu. Click on Save button.

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